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All students and staff at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers are welcome to participate in events during the week. Some events require you to register, but otherwise you are free to show up when ever, where ever!

Tuesday 5/11

Värd: Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten


Textilt återbruk – om materiellt och kulturellt slitage

Denna föreläsning är tyvärr inställd

Host: Sahlgrenska Academy network for the integration of sustainable development in education

Lecture & workshop:

What can we do about the climate impact of the Health care sector?

Tuesday: 14.00-17.00

Arvid Carlsson, Medicinaregatan 3

Guests from the Centre for Sustainable Health Care, world leading within its field, introduce to how health care and climate changes are interconnected as well as presents examples on how the health and care sector can reduce its climate impact, for example via changing materials and more efficient communications between different health care units. The lecture will be followed by an interactive workshop.

Speakers: Prof Rachel Stancliffe and Dr. Frances Mortimer

The Centre for Sustainable Health Care is a British foundation established in 2008 by the researchers Sir Muir Gray (University of Oxbord) and Prof. Rachel Stancliffe (London School of Economics). They host assignments from the British NHS and has developed sustainable solutions for different parts of the health and care sector, as well as pedagogics for, among others, medical, dental, nursing and public science educational programs. Their work has been published in among others, the Lancet.

Arrangör: Humanistiska Biblioteket


Näckrostimmen: Vad har arkeologi med hållbarhet att göra?

De hållbarhetsutmaningar som världen står inför kräver att vi vänder på varje sten för att hitta idéer om lösningar.
Utifrån den nya boken The Oxford Handbook of Historical Ecology and Applied Archaeology diskuterar docent
Christian Isendahl
några tankar kring vilken roll arkeologi och kunskapen om det förflutna kan spela för hur vi bättre
kan förstå vad en hållbar framtid innebär.

Om föreläsaren: Christian Isendahl är docent inom arkeologi vid Instutitionen för historiska studier vid Göteborgs universitet.

Värd: Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten

Föreläsning: Inställd

Plastskräp i havet – och hur kopplar det till hållbar plastanvändning?

Den här föreläsningen är tyvärr inställd på grund av sjukdom.

Host: The Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation (SIGHT)

Award Ceremony:

Towards Better Health for Refugee Women and Children

Tuesday: 17.00-19.30

Auditorium, Vasaparken, Universitetsplatsen 1, Gothenburg 

On the evening of the 5th of November, SIGHT will be hosting its annual SIGHT award ceremony in Gothenburg with the purpose of recognising researchers for important research in lower- and middle-income countries within global health. This year, alongside the presentation of the award to the chosen winner, we would like to have a keynote speech as well as an interactive panel discussion centered around the following theme: Towards ensuring physical and mental well-being for refugee women and children in the context of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The event is a collaboration between The Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation (SIGHT), Gothenburg centre for sustainable development, Kungliga Vetenskaps Akademien and Familjen Einhorns Stiftelse

Host: Faculty of Science and Centre for Sea and Society


Let’s talk about the ocean and climate change

Tuesday: 12.00-13.30

Hörsalen Geovetarcentrum, Ängemarken 6

12.00 Lunch for the 50 first

12.30 Panel starts

The ocean is our planet’s largest carbon sink and plays a key role in regulating the climate. So does the cryosphere— the frozen water of the Earth. However, increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is acidifying our ocean and the polar landscape has been quickly changing during the last decades. Why is the ocean-atmosphere interaction in the Southern Ocean relevant to glaciers in the Arctic and seafood in the west coast of Sweden? In this multidisciplinary panel discussion where physical oceanography and marine ecology meet photography and international law, listen to what can be done to drive actions and changes towards a sustainable future.



  • Sebastian Swaart, Associate professor in Oceanography, Dept. of Marine Sciences

  • Gabriela Argüello, Postdoctor in Law of the Sea, Centre for Collective Action Research (CeCAR) – Department of Law

  • Sam Dupont, Senior Lecturer in Marine Ecophysiology, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

  • Tyronne Martinsson, Professor in photography, Valand Academy


Moderator: Leif Anderson, Professor emeritus in Marine Chemistry, Dept. of Marine Sciences

Host: Klimatstudenterna Göteborg


Student Influence for Change

Welcome to join the Climate Students for an evening with some information about what we do and a workshop about how we can affect our universities to start living as they teach by lowering their emissions.

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