This is the event program for Tuesday, November 17

Tuesday 17/11


On these pages, you will find the official program of Act Sustainable 2020! 

All events in the official program will be online this year. You will register for the separate events you wish to participate in and the link to the event will be sent to you some days before the actual event. 


Registrations are open until November 11th. 

All events in the official program are open for all students and all staff members at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. Students and staff will participate via Zoom and will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and interactive parts of the program. The number of spots in Zoom is limited.  If there are no available spots left in Zoom you are welcome to participate as an external guest. 


Selected events will be streamed to the public and external guests. All events that will be streamed to the general public will be marked with a special label in the program. External guests will participate via Youtube and have limited access to interactive parts of the program.


Open to
the public

Citizen science and Biodiversity 

17/11, 10:00-12.00

Hosts: Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center, Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences & Centre for Sea and Society, Dept of Marine Sciences -  University of Gothenburg

Welcome to an online seminar and workshop where we explore the possibilities of using citizen science when uncovering the earth’s biodiversity.

Join us at the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center and the Centre for Sea and Society as we listen to researchers talk about their projects about deep-sea diversity off the coast of Sweden and elephants in Botswana. You will also be able to try some of these citizen science tools online.


  • Dick Kasperowski

  • Matthias Obst

  • Kate Evans


Open to
the public

Morning Session


Lunch Session

Student-led session: Sustainable Cities with a focus on Gothenburg 

17/11, 12.15-13.00

Host: HaSS - Handels  Students for Sustainability

What does a sustainable city look like? What does it take to plan and maintain greener cities? What are the biggest challenges in promoting sustainable living in urban areas and how can we overcome them?


Join our panel of speakers as they talk about their hands-on experience in making cities and everyday life greener and more sustainable. During the online event, you will have the opportunity to engage in the discussion, ask important questions, and find out how and where you can make an impact to make your city more sustainable.


  • Björn Siesjö - City architect in Gothenburg.

  • Olga Stepanova - Postdoctoral Research Fellow at
    School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg.

  • Lukong Pius - Project Manager at Make it Green.


Open to
the public

November 17th: Sustainable Cities with a focus on Gothenburg

Afternoon session

Green transition and jobs - What will the future of work look like in a zero-emission world? 

17/11, 13:30 - 15.00

Host: Work and Employment Research Centre (WE) 

The green transition will have an impact on future work and labor markets. Some industries will benefit, while others will see the demand for their products, and the conditions for their business deteriorate. In the longer run, this means that new (green) competencies will be required and some jobs will increase and new will be invented.


At the same time, other jobs will decrease or even disappear. What this structural change will look like depends on the political path chosen for the transition and what the voters demand, as well as on technological progress. Ultimately, it’s also dependent on the environmental consequences of today’s societies, which may force us to change whether we like it or not. During this seminar, we will discuss the future of work and employment, which we now may only see the contours of.  


  • Ann Pettifor, economist, author, and director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME).

  • Tomas Kåberger, affiliated professor at Chalmers University of Technology, and member of the Swedish Climate Policy Council (Klimatpolitiska rådet)

  • Lise Nordin, Regional Developer in Västra Götaland,
    former Member of Parliament


Open to
the public