External partners are welcome to host side-events during Act Sustainable 2020. These events will be published separately from the official program on this website but will still get the benefits from being exposed in the Act Sustainable-channels. Side events can be hosted by either partner affiliated with the University of Gothenburg or Chalmers Univerisity of Technology, or by external organizations. We welcome partners from many different fields/areas and Act Sustainable is aiming to be an arena for open and critical discussions around sustainable development. However, Act Sustainable is not an arena for political parties or organizations affiliated with political parties to advocate one's ideology or political views.  Read more about the detailed requirements for side-events below.

Please note that the organizing team of Act Sustainable maintains the right to deny events to be marketed under the Act Sustainable-brand and on its website. If you have any questions please use the contact form to contact us directly. 

We encourage internal partners to register smaller activities such as faculty meetings, lunch meetings, or closed seminars as side-events too.

Registration is open until November 1st, 2020


  • Student organizations, unions, clubs, and other associations 

  • Faculties, departments, centers, networks, etc at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology

  • Non-profit organizations (excluding political parties and organizations affiliated with political parties such as youth chapters or student chapters)

  • For-profit organizations*

  • Public actors such as regions, city councils, etc

If your organization type is not mentioned above and you are interested in hosting an event, please reach out for an individual discussion using this form. 

*Please note that Act Sustainable is not an arena for for-profit entities to market their services or products. 


  • The event addresses at least one major sustainability challenge

  • Can be closed for a smaller group (such as department, faculty or similar)

  • The event can be open to the public

  • ​Participation is free of charge

  • The event can be hosted in Swedish or English

  • The event can be in a physical venue if it is possible to follow official recommendations and restrictions regarding COVID-19, however, digital participation must be made available.

  • Each host is responsible for all practical details surrounding their event

  • The event takes place during the official Act Sustainable week (November 16-20)

Please note that Act Sustainable 2020 maintains the right to remove or deny events from the program.

Tips for a successful event

  • Popular-science based events usually attract more people than traditional academic ones. We as many students as possible to participate in the week, regardless of thematic knowledge or theoretical background. Keep this in mind when planning events.

  • Swedish/English or both? We would want as many events as possible to be held in English or bilingual for greater accessibility for all students and staff.

  • A good title! An exciting, a little provocative or inspiring title can really help grab the audience’s attention.

  • Format. Can the event be arranged in a new and inspiring way? Workshops, interactivity, quizzes,and experiments are always appreciated. 

  • Interdisciplinary. Can the event include another faculty? We are happy to connect you!