Monday 14/11 - Friday 18/11

Register side-events for Act Sustainable 2022

Welcome to Act Sustainable!

On this page you´ll find  all the information you need to register side-events for Act Sustainable 2022. The week stretches from Monday 14/11 to Friday 18/11, and so does the side-events program.

Besides the official program Act Sustainable also feature side events. The side events don’t necessarily follow the same rules as the events in the official program. They may vary in language, time, place, and targeted audience.


Side-events can be hosted by both affiliated partners with Chalmers University of Technology or the University of Gothenburg or external partners. We welcome partners from many different fields and sectors as Act Sustainable is an arena for open and critical discussion regarding sustainable development. However, Act Sustainable 2022 is not an arena for political partiers or organizations affiliated with political partiers to advocates one's ideology or political views. 

Who can register side-events?​

  • Student organizations, unions, clubs, and other associations 

  • Faculties, departments, centers, networks, etc at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology

  • Non-profit organizations (excluding political parties and organizations affiliated with political parties such as youth chapters or student chapters)

  • For-profit organizations*

  • Public actors such as regions, city councils, etc

If your organization type is not mentioned above and you are interested in hosting an event, please reach out for an individual discussion using this form. 

Note that Act Sustainable is not an arena for for-profit entities to market their services or products. 


  • The event addresses at least one major sustainability challenge

  • Can be closed for a smaller group (such as department, faculty or similar)

  • The event can be open to the public

  • ​Participation is free of charge

  • The event can be hosted in Swedish or English

  • Each host is responsible for all practical details surrounding their event

  • The event takes place during the official Act Sustainable week (November 14-18)

Act Sustainable 2022 maintains the right to remove or deny events from the program.

Register your side-event

​Some tips when planning your event 

  • Our students and staff cover a wide range of academic fields, knowledge levels and interests, creating a dynamic arena for cross-disciplinary discussions. 

  • Popular-science based events usually attract more people than traditional academic ones (a bit of a bummer, but true).

  • We want as many students and staff as possible to be able to attend, regardless of thematic knowledge or theoretical background. Keep this in mind when planning your event

  • Language? Bilingual or events in English makes it possible for international students and staff to attend. However, it is not a requirement. 

  • A smashing title! An exciting, perhaps even provocative title can help grab the attention of your audience. 

  • Format: Can the event be hosted in a new and inspiring way? Workshops, interactivity, quizzes or experiments are always appreciated

  • Inter-/cross-/trans/multi-disciplinary - Yes please! Interested in connecting with another faculty or department? We are happy to connect you! 

Registered side-events will be continuously uploaded from the beginning of October when the program is launched. Although we do market side-events in the Act Sustainable-channels we highly recommend that you also market the event in your own channels to generate participants. 

Deadline to register side-events is November 1 2022.

1. Assemble your team 

Find your partners and gather your forces!

2. Define your event

What are you trying to achieve with the event? What are the goals you are aiming for? Who should attend?

3. Register your event

Register your even on the Act Sustainable 2021 website. Events are uploaded from mid-october

4. Market your event

Tell everyone you know!  Talk to your communications officer and see if the can help. Make sure to use the channels you have at hand such as social medias, email lists and more! 

5. Host your event!

The big day is finally here! Enjoy the ride and don't forget to thank everyone involved! 

6. Evaluate

Gather your team and discuss the success of the event!  What went well and what could be improved next time?  Don't forget to submit the form sent by the Act Sustainable 2022-team.

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Act Sustainable is Chalmers University of Technology´s and the University of Gothenburg´s annual sustainability week for students, researchers, teachers and staff. The aim is to bring the universities closer together in multidisciplinary perspectives on sustainable
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