The whole week is open for you!

All students and staff at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers are welcome to participate in events during the week. Some events require you to register, but otherwise you are free to show up when ever, where ever!


Gothenburg Centre for
Sustainable Development


IT Faculty and the
Faculty of Education


Sahlgrenska Academy and

the Faculty of Science




Faculty of Social Science and
the Faculty of Business,
Economics and Law


Faculty of Humanities and the

Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts

Week-long events!

Image by Gary Chan

Host: Fastighets- och Serviceenheten vid Göteborgs Universitet

Help us recycle!

All week!

How do you recycle properly? How does the University of Gothenburg handle their waste and can the milk box really go in the “carton” section for recycling? During the whole week, you can visit recycling stations all over the University of Gothenburg and our exhibition!


The rollups and information can be found at the cafés at Campus Haga, Pedagogen, Academicum, Artisten, Handelshögskolan, and Annedalseminariet, as well as at Vasaparken, the library at the faculty of art and Geovetarcentrum


Värd: Universitetsbiblioteken

Utställning om de globala målen

Hela veckan!

UB deltar på Act! Sustainability den 24 -28 september genom att lyfta fram några av FN:s 17 globala mål genom utställningar både i fysiskt form och digital form. Äger rum både på webbsidan och bokutställningar på respektive bibliotek. Det finns mycket bra litteratur etc. att tillgå som knyter an till dessa mål, och under hela Act!-veckan finns utställningen om några av de 17 målen öppen för nyfikna besökare som vill djupdyka i målen!

Utställningen kan du besöka på Biomedicinska, Ekonomiska, Pedagogiska och Samhällsvetenskapliga biblioteken


Act Sustainable 2019

Collect stamps - win prizes!

All week!

During Act Sustainable 2019 you can use the Stamp Card to collect stamps and win prizes! 

What can you win? Prizes from our partners and friends, as well as the Climate Call game, SDG-pins and more!

Collect your card at our traveling information table or download it here for printing. Submit your card on the Grande Finale Part 1

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