This is the event program for Monday, November 15

Monday 15/11

Welcome to Act Sustainable!

On these pages, you will find the official program for Act Sustainable 2021!  The program is divided day by day stretching from Monday 15/11 to Friday 19/11.


Each day has three slots for events: Morning Session, Lunch Session, and Afternoon Session.

Morning Sessions are characterized by a classical style academic lecture. Interactive elements occurs at a minimum and are kept simple, such as Q&A´s and menti polls.

Lunch Sessions are entirely dedicated to the student sustainability organizations at
Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg.

Afternoon Sessions are characterized by more interactive activities such as workshoping and group discussion.

All events in the official program for Act Sustainable are in English or a combination of English and Swedish, and they´re open to all students and staff at the universities.

Who can register, and how?

You register for each event separately and you can register for as many as you like. All information you need to participate is located on these pages. Each registration will generate an email with the specifics for the event you registered to, practically located in your inbox.


All events in the official program are open for all students and all staff members at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg.

Don´t miss the side-events!

Besides the official program Act Sustainable also feature side-events. The side-events don’t necessarily follow the same rules as the events in the official program. They may vary in language, time, place, and targeted audience. So be sure you check out the side-events page for the whole week here: To the side events page

Lunch Session - 15/11

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Knowing our carbon FOODprint for a greener planet

Ever thought about the footprint of your diet? This workshop will help participants to identify the carbon footprint of some of the most common food products through interactive and engaging activities.


During the workshop you will be able to listen to short presentations who will provide insight into the ecological impact of selected food. A life-cycle perspective will be used to present the carbon footprint of a selected food product and you will also be able to share your ideas about what you think are low-impact recipes. 

Vegan lunch wraps are served to registered participants. This event as a limited number of participants.

Time: 12:10-13:00

Place: Stora Salen, Studenternas Hus, Götabergsgatan 17

Organisers: Students at the Masters Programme in Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Gothenburg

Afternoon Session - 15/11


Navigating an Information Disorder
Keynote Lecture with Mathias Cederholm

Our daily lives have turned into a constant digital flood of information. Misinformation, propaganda, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and influence campaigns are abundant and sometimes overwhelming. How can we as citizens and responsible media consumers, navigate, prioritize, and evaluate all this information?


Reliable information, not least regarding science, is vital for rational decisions regarding the great challenges of today. Join this keynote lecture with Mathias Cederholm where we try to navigate the media landscape and get a better understanding of its mechanisms.

Time: 15:15-17:00

Place: Lingsalen, Studenternas Hus, Götabergsgatan 17

Organiser: Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development, GMV.

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Act Sustainable is Chalmers University of Technology´s and the University of Gothenburg´s annual sustainability week for students, researchers, teachers and staff. The aim is to bring the universities closer together in multidisciplinary perspectives on sustainable
development through inspiration, and knowledge.