This is the event program for Monday, November 16

Monday 16/11



On these pages, you will find the official program of Act Sustainable 2020! 

All events in the official program will be online this year. You will register for the separate events you wish to participate in and the link to the event will be sent to you some days before the actual event. 


Registrations are open until November 11th. 

All events in the official program are open for all students and all staff members at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. Students and staff will participate via Zoom and will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and interactive parts of the program. The number of spots in Zoom is limited.  If there are no available spots left in Zoom you are welcome to participate as an external guest. 


Selected events will be streamed to the public and external guests. All events that will be streamed to the general public will be marked with a special label in the program. External guests will participate via Youtube and have limited access to interactive parts of the program.


Open to
the public

Lunch Session

Student-led session: Illicit drugs and the SDGs: 20th-century solutions to 21st-century problems

16/11, 12.15-13.00

Host: Sahlgrenska Students for Sustainability, SASS

Globally, drug control efforts are weighted towards supply reduction and grounded in a model of punitive suppression. National laws around the world are based upon an international legal framework that is now 60 years old. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, it is a system which has had serious ‘unintended negative consequences’, from the creation of a powerful criminal market of macroeconomic proportions to the marginalisation and stigmatisation of the very people it was supposed to help.


The SDGs are intended to present a new vision for environmental, social, and economic sustainability, in which nobody is left behind. This session asks what this vision means for global drug control. Have the SDGs become merely another justification for more of the same, or do they present an opportunity to reassess methods, priorities, success, and failure? 

Speaker: Damon Barrett

Damon Barrett is the founder of the International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy and lecturer at the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of Gothenburg.


Open to
the public


Transport solutions for a sustainable future 
16/11 14.00 - 15.30 

Host: Chalmers Transport Area of Advance 

Afternoon Session

In this online seminar/discussion, we address challenges and solutions in creating a sustainable transport system. Transportation is the backbone of society and at the same time a major contributor to carbon emissions. How can we shift this and allow transport and transport research to be part of the solution and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? Insights from two ongoing research projects at Chalmers will be put into context and discussed. One project focuses on the infrastructure and reduced emissions from road construction, the other on a new way of producing environmentally friendly batteries, essential for the electrification of transport.

Welcome to join us. We look forward to your questions!


  • Frances Sprei, Associate Professor – Space, Earth and Environment

  • Aleksandar Matic, Professor – Physics

  • Filip Johnsson, Professor – Space, Earth and Environment

  • Ida Karlsson, PhD Student – Space, Earth and Environment


Open to
the public