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“Hi Stranger”

A Short note from the artist Wiktoria Czekajska:

This letter is a collection of voices of those that took part in the “Hi Stranger” art installation, present during the Act Sustainability week. Very touching words came together from all the notes of participants, we decided to put them one after the other as they were written, and we took the structure 1. Feelings/fears 2. Hopes 3. Actions, in order to leave the reader hopeful and end on a positive note. We didn't include offensive drawings and took away curse words.


Download the Letter and help us spread the message!

Dear Society,


This is a message to you regarding our hopes, fears, feelings, and actions that we expressed as participants of the Act Sustainability Week:


One society => saving the world.

Climate change is everyone's responsibility.

As much as I am doing my part for climate change I am afraid that we are running out of time.

How I feel about climate change... mega angry and pissed off. I am grieving.

I am worried.

I am scared my kids will never see the greenery.

I feel that we have already damaged our Earth beyond the point of no return.

I am scared that my kids will never be able to experience the smell of earth.

I feel conflicted about being a parent.

How can I, with good considerance, bring a child into this world while it is burning to the ground? I want to be able to raise my children without fear that they will experience some kind of existential dread.

I fear worldwide starvation and I hope society will awake.

Saving lives.

I fear inaction and selfishness by big actors ($).

I feel a lot of fear considerable of how our political leaders are acting right now.

I feel hollow and ripped and torn.

I feel hysterically hopeless

I live for me. My egotistical nature burns like pure bliss. I can not change.

I fear people will lose hope when most things move in the wrong direction. And that they stop acting on how to stop the crisis.

The night grows cold, all is depending, which end we chose for our elegant ending.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

The end of our world.

I’m not optimistic regarding humanity’s will to change.

To me, nature means stability. I’m afraid that things that change are never coming back.

I fear gaps between humans, gaps that are not necessary. Never necessary.

I am so sad about the betrayal from the adult world against younger generations. As well as the rich world's betrayal of the developing countries.

I feel confused and anxious and also helpless. Disconnected from the issues sometimes.

I am frustated over the slow pace of change… but… inspired to integrate sustainability with my work.

I feel that we won't make it in time. I hope that we collectively make a change. Let's fight for our future.

Part of me is scared of the effects of climate change and the urgency of environmental action but i think it's crucial to keep an optimistic outlook on the future and I hope to turn the sadness and fear I feel into climate action!

I fear that we are left with a sterile world and no hope of a liveable future. Just stop oil, talk to your neighbor, and let empathy guide us to good decisions.


Act through hope not despair!

Does everybody care about our living environment?

I am happy many of us care so much!

Happy as Doraemon!

As hopeless as I currently feel, I appreciate that small steps are being taken toward a better future!

We have to unite and stay united. Together we can resist destructive forces. We have to be kind to each other.

I hope we can connect to nature.

I hope we will not end up being lego pieces (also microplastics).

I hope global issues become a life topic rather than a political topic.

I hope we can come together and find new joy.

I hope everything will be fine and as I wish soon.

My hopes are that we can save our planet together.

I hope that we can come together to solve our problems.

I hope for the world to become kinder as I think it is important in our fight against climate change.

I don't want to lose my contact with nature. It breaks my heart.

I hope we can build a more sensitive society.


We need to collaborate broadly.

Be less selfish!

Care more.

Something as eating more plants is easy. And yet we still don’t do that.

We have no choice. ACT now.

Politicians: take your responsibility!!!

Create more sustainable jobs for English-speaking experienced students in Sweden.

Randomize participants in project groups in education.

Female access-centric healthcare access.

The rise of communicable diseases due to climate change.

Changing our relation to ”sacrified” and ”compromise”.

Wake up and open your heart for change <3

Remember to see the bigger picture: view the climate crisis as a global problem and don’t get carried away by getting annoyed at the challenges you see.


I want to build not only a more sustainable world, but also a better world.

I want to connect with people to create the future.

I wish to work more closely with the younger generation to envision + support their future.


Society has to fight climate change together and should not get divided by the challenges.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s not your responsibility to save the whole world. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

How can You change or limit your own personal consumption?

Change old habits and create new, improved ways to live.

I decided to take on a vegetarian lifestyle because of the fear of what the future might look like if we do not take action.

I went vegan.

I feel empowered by cycling.


Climate stability is only possible through small but continuous acts.

Do your best, even if it’s the smallest things - it matters!


Please start to feel people we need to feel our environment to be able to heal the world.


Wake up!



Thank You.

Experience the installation and get a feeling for the participants mindstate:

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Act Sustainable is Chalmers University of Technology´s and the University of Gothenburg´s annual sustainability week for students, researchers, teachers and staff. The aim is to bring the universities closer together in multidisciplinary perspectives on sustainable
development through inspiration, and knowledge.

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