This is the event program for Friday, November 20

Friday 20/11


On these pages, you will find the official program of Act Sustainable 2020! 

All events in the official program will be online this year. You will register for the separate events you wish to participate in and the link to the event will be sent to you some days before the actual event. 


Registrations are open until November 11th. 

All events in the official program are open for all students and all staff members at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. Students and staff will participate via Zoom and will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and interactive parts of the program. The number of spots in Zoom is limited.  If there are no available spots left in Zoom you are welcome to participate as an external guest. 


Selected events will be streamed to the public and external guests. All events that will be streamed to the general public will be marked with a special label in the program. External guests will participate via Youtube and have limited access to interactive parts of the program.


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the public

För jämställdhet. Mot våld. Redefining masculinity.
Morning Session

Masculinities, Society and Earth … a case for ecological masculinities, 

20/11 9.30 - 11.00 

Host: MÄN in collaboration with Chalmers TME

This seminar will demonstrate that men – along with all people and the planet – are being harmed by social and ecological breakdowns, which are, ironically, products of a hyper-masculinized world. We shine a light on the social constructions of industrial/breadwinner and eco modern masculinities, noting them to be gendered performances that detrimentally impact society and the environment. The interactive seminar will also illuminate the conceptual framing and embodied practices of ecological masculinities that help to create a truly caring and sustainable world. By the seminar’s end, we will focus on how masculinities not only impact the entire planet; we will also pay attention to the ways that masculinities dwell in us all, regardless of the bodies we inhabit.



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Lunch Session

Student-led session:  Standing out in the plant-based food market: Oumph!'s extraordinary success story  

20/11 12.15-13.00

Host: Vegan Student Association Gothenburg

Nowadays, a plant-based diet’s positive impact on a sustainable future is largely recognized. Thus, plant-based foods are a booming business and a growing number of mainstream consumers are buying vegan options. Food manufacturers ranging from startups to leading consumer packaged goods companies are innovating rapidly in this category.

We have the pleasure to present as our speaker the cook, environmentalist, rebel, and co-founder of Oumph!: Anders Ankan “The Duck” Linden.

Topics covered will be the developments in the plant-based food market, its role for a sustainable future, and how Oumph! and its unique

approach contributes to such evolutions.

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