We welcome different types of student activities for Act Sustainable 2020 and welcome partners to be part of the official program. 


During Act Sustainable 2020 there will be one official program and a number of side-events. The official programs will consist of events hosted by program partners at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg. Networks or centres at the two universities are welcome to become program partners and host one of the official events. When becoming program partner, we are looking for events that has a solutions or future centred approach, as well as addressing one of the major sustainability challenges. The events should have a multidisciplinary approach. Act Sustainable 2020 will be in English and as program partner you are expected to manage the practical aspects of your event. The official program will consist of a number of bigger slots where we have stricter guidelines.


Official events should:

  • Have a multidisciplinary approach and involve speakers/moderators from different faculties, preferably also from both Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.

  • Be in English

  • Address one major sustainability challenge and the theme should be solutions oriented and address what needs to be done to solve the challenge

  • The thematic choice should be aligned with the underlying theme that is “Multidisciplinary and collaboration for a sustainable world” 

For questions regarding the student program or wish to host a part of the official student program contact Karin Bylund


For questions regarding the researchers conference contact Caroline Petersson

Program concept 

An ouline of the week over-view